Session 1

love your body ~ belly dance: ANNA NUMMELIN

Begin the day with gentle and fun movements that celebrate all the amazing ways the body can move! This session will focus on introducing and deepening core belly dance movements and exploring dance as a pathway toward body appreciation, community connection, inner joy, healing ourselves and healing the world.

Session 2

choreography concepts 1&2: pAMELA LUEDTKE

Choreography Concepts 1 & 2 are part of a four step process of developing choreographic skills through belly dance.  Concept one introduces and develops your Movement Tool Box. This class strengthens improvisational techniques will enhance your performance skills. Concept 2, utilizes the Movement Tool Box to structure and develops movements for a solo dance. The movement concepts shared are based on the modern dance pedagogical approach in teaching the art form of choreography.

Session 3


Classical Egyptian Dance, exploring the music body connection.

In this class we will be exploring the connection between the music and the dancer. We will look at how that connection has shaped how we dance and how the audience sees the music. We will be working on feeling that connection to the music using the expressiveness of classic Middle Eastern music. We will work to enhance the feeling that we put into our dance today to help our audience better understand the music that they are listening to. This class will focus on personal skills to help express the music.

Session 4

super beth fan club: Elizabeth "Super Beth" Fish

ATS® Introduction (Individual)

Fans can be incorporated as a specialty or concept piece within your performance set. Fans add a bit of spark and color and are an audience favorite! Super Beth will show you how to handle and hold a large dance fan, and will lead you through a series of fast steps that will showcase these colorful props. Expect a good upper body workout! Accessories: 
For this workshop, you will receive 2 silk “flutter” fans that will are included in your Shuvani Retreat! If you would like to purchase your own in addition, make sure to purchase one for the RIGHT hand and one for the LEFT hand. You will need to request this specifically when ordering. These are the short flutter fans, not the long “fan veils.” For examples, or to purchase, go to

Morning Yoga

heather van dalfsen

Heather’s Yoga class intention is to provide a welcoming space for students to breathe, move, stretch, and strengthen in a way that is healthy, safe and inherent for their body. In addition, students are given time to pause, reflect and set a personal intention to support their self-care, reconnecting to what inspires them for continued growth within their body, breath, mind, character and heart.

With a touch of humor and creative sequencing, Heather looks forward to connecting the fluid movements, inspiring music and pure joy of yoga and dance.

Women’s Temple

Anna Nummelin

A retreat within a retreat! Relax into feminine flow, refresh your body and mind after a morning of dancing with mindful breathing, guided meditation, self-massage, goddess rinse, and nourishing embodiment practices.